Battery light on 2007 Chrysler Sebring

On my way home my battery light came on and it stood on until I turned off my car and turned it back on. When I turned it on it went off so I drove it and again on my way home It came on so I tried turning it off and turning it back on and now it stays on. So I'm trying to figure out why it's on and I'm not sure if it's the alternator because I changed it about a month ago and before when my alternator was bad my light didn't come on until it gave out so I'm clueless of why it's on I'm thinking maybe it's my battery but I don't know. Anybody has any ideas of why my battery light is on

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In most cases the battery light being on is caused by a alternator fault. The voltage regulator inside the alternator is supposed to turn the battery light out when the alternator is charging correctly. Perhaps your "new" alternator is not functioning correctly.
Thanks a lot I had a relative look at it and we found out that my groud wire wasn't tighten all the way. Thanks
Which ground wire?