battery light on 1997 Honda Accord

My battery light comes on when I brake and both my battery and my alternator have been taken to auto zone and have passed the tests. What could be wrong with my car?

Asked by for the 1997 Honda Accord
Check that your battery connections are secure, clean and tight. Check the battery and chassis grounds. I strongly suspect you have a problem internal in the alternator. If you continue to drive the car and the battery and brake light come on at the same time, pull in, apply the handbrake, put the car in park (if automatic transmission), and with the engine still running, tap on the alternator with a moderate blow, if the lights then go out you have an internal problem in the alternator. This problem won't just go away. Even though the alternator has passed a test now it may let you down. Carry jumper cables in case your car stops charging!