battery is dying quick. Replaced battery Nov. '12. Alternator reads like new. on 2002 Saturn SC1

First purchased, the battery life lasted about 2 - 3 years. Once she turned 10, the battery's life has shorten drastically. I have had to replace the battery twice in 2012. And now the current battery (only 2 months old) is dead and will not take a charge. The alternator reads "like new" numbers. The last AAA guy side it was probably electrical, but I don't know where to begin in that area. Any advice is much appreciated!

by in Los Angeles, CA on January 29, 2013
2 answers
ANSWER by on January 29, 2013
charge the battery and have it load tested to start with
ANSWER by on January 29, 2013
where are you buying battery?

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