battery is draining sporadically ignition turned on no click or dash lights on 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

it can be jump started by another car but drains the portable jump starter with no lights or clicks

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The last one I did with those symptoms was the alternator was shorted internally. It needs a parasitic draw test done to find the fault.
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Have a simple alternator test done at your parts house or mechanic. If alternator is OK then you have something drawing power when the ignition is off. A simple battery draw test can tell if you have a draw like that. If you do, the forst question is, "what extras have been added to the car ie stereo, phone charger, navigation, etc' and start there to make sure they aren't the source of the drain A 'GOOD' but marginable battery can be drained overnight pretty easily, especially in winter, by some simple electronic add ons that are left on.