battery draining on 2003 Mercedes-Benz S600

put in a new battery. the last two days had to get jumped in the morning. Does anyone else have this problem or know whats causing it? there have been no malfunction codes and car is without power in the morning.

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First, you should check if any interior light stays on.
no lights remain on..triple checked it to make sure
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I had the same problem. It took them a month to find out that the radio was draining the battery pulling about 5V even when the car was turned off. They also told me that I had to replace the key, because it had no functions. I told them that I read on MB World that it could be the ignition. So check that before I replace a $300.00 key. "No that's not the problem" Needless to say after replacing the key the ignition had to be replaced also. Have your tech check all aspects. They're probably guessing as well.
turned out it was a defective battery...sears checked it and said it was good...took the car to an independent mechanic who said battery was no good..sears replaced and have had no problems since..thanks for your suggestions