battery discharge and slow starting on 1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

i have a 93 mighty max, 4 doors, my prob is that everytime i use it, the battery discharges when it supposed to be charging, right? im thinking that its starter is broken? or the battery terminal hits the hood? or the alternator shittin me, am i right? pls do help me, this truck is all whats left of my dad,im happy when i drive it coz i know hes sittin beside me passed away months ago, pls do answer my question. thanks

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You may have a bad battery or alternator. You may have bad battery terminals needing to be clean and tight. Your alternator belt may be loose and slipping. If the battery terminal hits the hood, you'd be worried about putting out the fire, not a low battery. Get your battery and charging systems checked out.
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