battery dead on 2007 Toyota Camry

Hello, My car battery is dead in my garage cant change gears to roll it out of garage to have it jumped? Any it possible to get into neutral? I have a keyless push start car?

by in Murrieta, CA on December 30, 2010
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ANSWER by on December 30, 2010
Look in your owners manual to see if there is a manual procedure to release the shift lever when it is stuck in park. Often there is.
COMMENT by on June 24, 2012
how dare you suggest READING the owners manual!!! eight years at a dealership as a tech and my service Mgr. cringes if we say that to a customer. I like the way you think. Educated consumers are the least profitable.
ANSWER by on December 30, 2010
If you have a AAA card some of them have a battery service,(AAA in San Francisco has them) And they have batteries in stock and will come out to your location and install for you, If you don't have AAA any tow truck driver should be able to move you car back far enough to get to the battery.
ANSWER by on February 22, 2011
You can use the little key that slides out of your smart key, and insert it in the little slot next to the gear shift in the center console. You will then be able to shift to Neutral.
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