battery charging on 1995 Saturn SL

we have replaced the battery had the altanator check it is fine but battery still keeps going dead cant find any short or anything

by in Visalia, CA on September 26, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on September 27, 2009
You need to do a check of your charging system first. Do a data scan of your charging system to make SURE that the battery is actually charging. When the car is running, the scanner should read around 14.1 volts with all the lights and other things off. If you don't have a scanner, then use a Digital volt Ohm meter at the Battery terminals when the car is running. If this checks out, then you need to to a drain test. Start with a test light between that negative terminal and the negative cable with key out and all the doors closed. If the test light is BRIGHT, then you need to use an Amp meter. If the draw is more than 100-200 milliamps, then start removing fuses until the draw goes away. You will need to wait about 30-60 seconds for the computer to go into sleep mode to get an accurate reading
ANSWER by on April 20, 2010
incase this helps, ck the battery connector wires, then make sure the altenator is securly placed in. even if it is off but jsut a bit, it will drain your battery. also, if you have a leak in your head gasket, the oil with short out the altenator and cause it to drain the battery. I have had to change 3 altenators, i kept replacing the batteries when the altinator was the problem, but trial and error, and now, after replacing everything and making sure i control my head gasket lead as much as i can, so far so good. you can tell if you have a leak if you continue to get an oily or black residue on top of your engine, or around your spark plugs. but if you have replaced the altinator and the battery, MAKE SURE you change the connector wires all the way down to where it meets the altinator. you can replace the visible ones, but usually the short can occur where you cannot see it. hope this helps.
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