battery changed and everything is wrong on 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier

Question: 1998 Chevy Cavalier / Hubby changed Batt. then everything went
Dash lights=ABS,Brake,Air Bag,Antitheft, and when I touch the brake it boggs
down, and won't change out of 1st. Went to auto parts for diagnosis. Code
results =P1860 Man.Contrl. Trans./P0758 Shift Solenoid B Circuit
Electrical/P0753 Shift Solenoid A/ Circuit Electrical/P0480Cooling Fan 1 Control
The same day he said the cooling fan wasn't even hooked up and he hooked it
up. Help it's our only car and he seems so lost.

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I just repaired a 96 Cavalier with the same problem. There are two electrical issues. One is in the wire harness that drapes over the engine and has a T junction next to the starter. When you open up the harness you will look for three black wires that join to a single black wire About 4 inches from the T junction coming from the engine. It may be corroded, so replace as much wire as you need to until you get to the good wire. Use the same gauge wire and soldier this connection and wrap with electrical tape and re-assemble the harness. The other is at the negative cable. The original cable comes from the engine block and has a metal loop about half way that bolts to the battery tray, then the battery. If the cable is removed from the battery tray it will cause a ground loop, which causes the electricity to flow the wrong way in parts of the car, to correct this. 1- Get an original negative cable from the dealer and make sure it is bolted to the battery tray, even if you have to drill a new hole and use a nut and bolt. Be sure to sand off paint to make good contact then use undercoat to cover any bare metal. 2- If you use an aftermarket cable, bolt it to the engine and the battery. Pick up a second cable with both loop ends and bolt one end to the engine and one end to the body of the car. Make sure the cable is slack. Done! By the way the airbag light may not turn off. Once it detects a fault in the system, it will not reset and sends the code to the BCM/ECU that causes the light to stay on. If you disconnect the airbag system the light still stays on. If someone tells you to remove the bulb, don’t. When you go for an inspection they will look for the light to flash 7 times then turn off. Taking out the bulb fails the inspection and you cannot legally sell the car with the airbag light on or with the system malfunctioning. EVEN IF IT IS AN AS IS SALE! It can only be sold as parts. You can get in very big trouble if the new owner gets seriously injured or dies in an accident. Take it to the dealership for the BCM/ECM Airbag reset. If anyone finds this helpful (If you have the same problem, you will.) Send me a donation. I am out of work doing odd jobs to make ends meet. Send to Victor M. Collazo Jr. 50 Simpson rd, Saco, Maine 04072. Thank you and good luck. P.S. I am not a rookie. I have been a mechanic for over 15 years and took 2 years of electronics in high school. Electrical and electronics are my strong points.
Just wanted to let you know that I had the same issue with the idiot lights staying on in my 95 Cavalier. The extra cable from the engine block to the body fixed the problem. Thanks!
You are welcome.
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Check all fuses and battery connections. Disconnect the battery and make sure there is no corrosion on the battery cable ends where they attach to the battery. If your problems are still present after taking care of any battery connection or fuse issues I would say your problem is fairly serious and you should seek help from a quality repair shop.
the thing he hooked up might not be a fan, unhook "the fan" and see what happens