battery cable was resting against belt pully made a good size hole & it sparked. on 1997 Chevrolet S10

the engine immediately shut off but lights were still on & bright, horn works, radio etc. But now the truck won't start. The gage shows in the - now, first tried a jump, then replaced ignition coils and some relays that had burn marks on prongs, but it still won't start. have checked fuses, it has gas (also primed it) still won't start. other electrical work ok so it's not the battery. it cranks but just doesn't start. what should i check next. my only form of transportation and need to fix a.s.a.p. appreciate the help / ideas / suggestions...thanks

what do i check next??? going to pull the spark plugs but i don't know what else to look for.

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Inspect wiring at the starter area for damage to fuse links in the wiring loom.
i don't know that much about electrical - wiring loom? would it crank but not start if a wire going to starter is bad? also, when i replaced the relays i only replaced the little black box (not the wires themselves) should i replace the entire thing? just so you know, i had a problem in the past with the ignition, the key would not start the truck (accessory works but did nothing to start truck) so i installed a push button starter - after that i turn key to on position and used the push button starter and it has worked great ever since). since the spark from that cable, it cranks strong but just doesn't fire up engine. seems to be getting spark in spark plug wires, i am going to pull plugs to see if they were damaged. will also check out wires around starter (as you suggested) to see if i can see any burns... any other suggestions? thanks

seems to be getting fuel (also primed it) and there is spark at spark plug wires.
There are other ignition power up links in that area for starting the engine. Not just cranking but running, also. You may also have damaged the ecm with a short or surge. You need to have a shop look and see what you are missing when cranking the engine. Either spark or fuel.