Battery Cable Corrosion on Mazda Mazda6

Average mileage: 87,136 (15,000–156,000)
5 model years affected: 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2012
14 people reported this problem
6 people shared problem details
I went in for an oil change today at the Mazda dealership and was told that I had a battery cable corrosion issue. My service rep told me the cable wires that attach to the battery are corroded and that I would need to replace them with a new wiring harness as soon as possible. Due to this problem, I also need a new battery. The estimated cost is $600. The service rep said at any time the cables could snap causing the car to completely stop. He also stated that Mazda had cheap parts for this cable area and that he had seen this problem occur quite often in these vehicles.
2008 Mazda Mazda650,000
I had same problem with my wiring harness. The technician said it was a common problem in Mazdas. Seems like there should be a manufacturers recall for this. Either the battery terminal has a faulty design or the harness, but the corrosion should not travel down the harness.
After an unusually heavy rain, I suddenly had problems starting my car. Having had no previous difficulty or issues with the battery, and despite a number of tune-ups, oil changes, and other services. When I took it in to the dealer, I was told that the battery cables were so corroded that I would have to have the entire engine/wiring harness replaced. I was surprised that this level of corrosion had been missed in all previous services, and wonder if this is common. It will cost me around $750 for parts and labor.
2007 Mazda Mazda6100,000
I have a 2003 not an 07 ( couldn't change it). I was told the same thing by my mechanic. We tried to repair it instead of purchasing a new wiring harness ,car is running we,ll see how long it lasts
2008 Mazda Mazda615,000
After much argument Mazda covered this repair on my car
Corrosion is going heading into the starter if not fixed soon but having problems finding replacement cables. I'm guessing that I will have to go to the Mazda dealer to get them.
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