Battery Access on 1994 BMW 540i

My battery is dead. I need to gain access to the
battery compartment under the rear seat. I have a 1994 540i sedan. What's the secret? Have been fighting the damn back seat for a couple of hours. I know removal is simple but I can't find the secret clips or screws to pop the seat ... and ... I'd rather not use a chainsaw for the job. Help! Puleeeeese! WAL, Yuba City, CA

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Squat in the passenger side and grab the seat from the bottom lip then lift up by pushing with your legs, do the same on the driver side. Be forwarned that it is on there pretty snugly. I put a little grease on spring clips before I reinstall it. Makes for easier removal next time. Get the vacuum cleaner out because you'll need it to remove all the junk under the seat. Good luck!!
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its pretty simple there are no "secret clips" the first time you do it you might need a friends help. each of you take a side and with both hands pull up. good luck