1993 BMW 740i Q&A

1993 BMW 740i Question: Battery

Where is the battery on this BMW and how do I get to it. Can anyone send me a diagram of this. My husband and I are really frustated. Don't know how to fine the battery. -
Answer 1
Just a guess, but I bet it's under the back seat or in the trunk. You can find the owners manual online for free, here: http://bit.ly/BMW_Owners_Manuals -
Answer 2
under the back seat passenger side. its real easy to pop the seat but if its never been done before you may need a freinds help -
Answer 3
underneath the backseat on the passenger side -
Answer 4
it is in the boot on the right hand side -
Answer 5
cant send you a diagram but the battery is in the trunk on the right -
Answer 6
it is under the back seat -
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