battery on 2008 Mercedes-Benz GL550

how do i remove the battery from under the front passengers seat

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I'd let a MB specialty shop do it, since it requires to add or program the new battery - which is a new generation AGM battery - to the car, otherwise the alternator won't charge correctly and you will experience numerous electrical problems.
Newer cars with Intelligent Charging System are requires the above process which makes the replacement more difficult since it requires an OE or OE capable diagnostic computer, in this case an SDS.

i know it's been almost 5 years since you answered this,but i am so glad you did.i have told several people the same thing about these mercedes and they don't believe me!what happens is when the old battery is removed and the new battery installed and is not programmed/registered to your cars computer with scan tool,then the car remembers the old/bad battery voltage and not the new ones voltage.told a friend about this,but no,he goes to the ZONE and puts one in himself.6 weeks later,killed the battery and other things,goes back to the ZONE and put another one in?i said ok,it's your junk not mine!the end!