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2007 Jeep Commander Question: Battery

I bought a new battery and changed it out then went to drive the car the nxt morning and it wouldnt start then i had it jumped and it finally started. Any ideas of what could be wrong? -
Answer 1
Sounds like you replaced the battery and didn't drive until the next day. But then it wouldn't crank the engine the next day. Was the jump all it needed to start? You need to check the battery viltage, be sure the battery ternminals and cables are clean and tight. the alternator should be charging the battery when the engine's running. What does the dash gauge say? If the alternator's working and the battery's dead, you have a bad battery. If the alternator's not woriking, that may have been your problem in the first place. -
Answer 2
not really sure that is the right answer i own a 2006 commander 4.7 and have the same problem it is not the batterie or alltenator. as both have been replaced. but as soon as i hook cables to jump start it starts fine. -
Answer 3
The Commander calls for a certain battery, make sure you replaced w/ proper one. Mine has had same issue. Replaced battery, batteries in keys, and had dealer replace starter. Ended up one of the starter bolts backed out...also has electronic box that recognizes key (anti-theft device) that can also go bad -
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