bass does not work,,radio and speakers do??? on 2001 Lincoln Continental

checked fuses in car(fine) cant find switch from sub or amp! what could this be?

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Most likely an internal failure of the radio. Might be time for a new, reman, or used one. Give us a call and ask for Bob 703-845-8477
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the amp is located in the trunk. pull down the black door located right under the back dash pull straight down to open it. the amp is shot get on from the junk yard. you may need to replace both six by nine subs also. its a common issue for the amps to fry as they have no room to dissipate the heat. I've not had an issue with mine since ive replaced it but, I grabbed two amps when i went to the junk yard. replacing the subs takes allot more work so, hopefully yours are fine.the amp has tabs on each side and a wire harness on each side it is a simple change out