BAS/ESP repair necessity on 2001 Mercedes-Benz ML430

BAS/ESP light continuously on-hazardous? New stop lamp switch did not turn it off. Cost to repair?

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My ML320 owners manual had a reset process for this. It happens when you unhook for any reason or change battery if you have done that. Unfortunately I don't have my ML320 or the book.
Thank you so much. I actually did have to change the battery, at which point the BAS/ESP light went off, but now the ABS light stays on. Just last week, however, in the fast lane on an L.A. freeway I had to stop quickly and from the way my brakes responded, I'm sure the ABS is functional.
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you likely do not have any brake lights; you positively
do not have Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Program and also may not have Anti Lock Brakes. the answer is YES, it is hazardous. you FIRST need to have someone scan
all the diagnostic modules for codes. you may have another issue.
I do, in fact, have brake lights. Thanks for your input.