BAS/ESP lights flash & stay on; grinding noise and shudder in throttle pedal. on 2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK320

When accelerating slowly from stop.

Similar problem happened last week. Took car to dealer and they checked for causes of these warning lights (went off While awaiting service check). They kept it overnite and went thru several tests next day and claimed car was OK. But problem reappeared 5 days later. WHATS UP!

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check the YAW sensor! The same thing has been occuring to me. I researched it and had someone check it for me. The YAW sensor senses extreme turns and thinks it is preventing the Mercedes from going into a roll, so it applies the emergency braking system. It is scary. I think the repairs will run about $750. I tried to order the part from another vendor other than Mercedes but it still has to be programmed at the dealership, thereby cutting out any cost savings. Hope this helps!
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Once the BAS/ESP light is one does it stay on, and then the grinding and self steering stop? Check the battery. Ensure it is the correct specification from MB. Ensure that the output from the battery is correct. Check the Alternator to ensure it's output is correct under load. Make sure that the tire pressure in each tire is to the upper specification and that there isn't a slow leak. If you have alloy wheels they may have corrosion and will need to be ground / polished and the tire may need to be glued to the wheel afterwards. It might be as simple as fixing one issue or all of the above.