bank 1 sensor 1 needs replaced -is it necessary to do for car to run properly or on 2004 Toyota Avalon

just to remove chk engine--trac off and vsc lights from staying on--how urgent is it to replace

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well your fuel mixture is most likely off. better question is now that bulbs are removed how do you know when something really bad happens if you don't have the light working
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I understand your fuel mileage will suffer, for me my 2004 avalon's mpg. was going from 0 to 100 depending upon my relative speed for a week .Then on came the trac light ,the engine light,and the vsc light and I had to drive 30 miles to work ! I chanced it and it seemed to have no real issues ,but I got the oxygen sensor replaced immediately at the dealer (443$) now the mpg digital read out is climbing to 24.0 mpg seems to be working okay ...before I swore it was 26.8 ...I think it will work itself out in time ...though I just read there are two O2 sensors they only charged me for one ....could this be another ploy ?