Ball Joints or Shocks? and Oxygen Sensor... on 2003 Ford Taurus

My 2003 Taurus has 112K miles. When I had it tagged for the current year the tech said that the front passenger tire was showing signs of wear. I have noticed that the car makes "clunking" sounds when I go over speed bumps. A friend, who is not a mechanic, said it sounds like ball joints or shocks/struts. I also need to get the front oxygen sensor changed. I bought the part nad tried to change it, but apparently I do not have the strength to loosen it. I changed the rear one flawlessly, but the front one would not budge!

I am wondering what to expect, price wise - maybe even best and worst case scenario - when I take it in.


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it sounds more like struts to me but have a shop check it out just to be sure.
at you can go to the estimate section and find the prices for the work i.e. both front struts will run from $518-697 . A Front Oxygen Sensor runs about $131-206. As far as yours not coming out, I would try some penetrating oil. Even WD-40 will work in many cases. Spray it on the tread area and let it soak for 10 minutes. Also, be SURE that you are turning it the correct way. Sometimes when I am under a vehicle I can get confused i.e.( right-tight -> left-loose) a basic children's rhyme but it works. Good Luck!