Ball Joint on 1995 Mercury Villager

Mechanic asked me to replace the ball joint and told me $400 to replace for both side of balljoints? Please help.

by in Frankfort, KY on October 12, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 20, 2010
Found at "I decided to try a bushing from a 93 Maxima. It was 20 dollars and fit great (slightly different but fits with no modification). Instead of paying $550 for the lower control arms and having to rebuild the entire front end, it cost $40 and less than two hours of work.
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...speeds. Then it shakes bad at 50mph. Shakes the steering wheel. I was going to change out the ball joints and tie-rods because its easy and all bolt on parts. How will i tell if its an axel or ? Ps....
I've replaced front tires, rebalanced all 4 tires, replaced lower ball joints and struts. Any ideas?

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