Bad window motor or switch on 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

I was rolling up the drivers side window and it was a little slow. I rolled it diown and now it won't budge. I was wondering if it's a bad motor or switch. I have a multimeter to help testing. I have the door panel off and wires disconnected

by in Anchorage, AK on November 27, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 28, 2010
If the window was slow and now does not work, then it is likely a faulty motor. The switch would be a "pass" or "fail" situation - not a slow operator. Do your lights dim when you try to roll it up? If so, it's a sign of excessive draw from the motor. One further suggestion - motors often get overworked by having to push the window on extremely dry and restrictive glass runs - the strips on the sides of the windows that guide the glass. Lubricate those on all windows regularly to reduce window motor drag and excessive wear. This could be what your issue is (although it may be a motor by now...)...
COMMENT by on November 28, 2010
No the lights do not dim when I try to roll the window up. Is there any easy way to get the window locked in the up position till i can get this fixed? And second is it pretty easy to change out the motor and are they pretty expensive? I appreciate this much DaveJHM!
COMMENT by on November 28, 2010
If there is no dimming (and this is not a proper, scientific diagnosis - just a basic inspection anyone can do...), then there is probably not power or signal getting to the motor to get it to operate. I would concentrate on a possible switch issue. Turn on your inside dome light and watch it as you try to raise the window - see if that light dims. Getting the window up without fixing it (if it's a motor issue) is not easy. You could try pulling up on the window while you push the button. If that doesn't help, you'd have to disassemble the door panel and try to manipulate it. Not an easy task.
ANSWER by on December 02, 2010
Go to for the window regulator ($59.95 w/free shpg) and use the site below for how to replace it. the cable pulls out of the plastic clip holding it and it's cheaper to replace than the time and effort to possibly get it fixed. I know, I tried.
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