bad torque converter on 1994 Ford Explorer

stalls out when i come to a stop. stalls out when goin from park to drive and reverse.shakes alot like the engine is stalling out but when i put it in neutral its fine then i go back to drive and it stalls out! but only some times! you think it would be a sensor maybe or the filter and fluid may need changed and flush the transmission? or maybe the torgue converter needs replaced? but did it do any thing to my transmission/transfer case?,etc...

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By the way you're describing the symptoms, it sounds to me like a problem is in the idle air control valve (IAC) which is mounted on the top of the throttle body. This is a common problem on the older Explorers. It will get dirty over time and require cleaning or replacement. You should clean the throttle body as well, and check the air filter and replace if needed. Is your problem more pronounced when you first start it? Does the problem get better after it warms up? If yes, I would look at the IAC firsr. You should also check for trouble codes if you are able.