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1999 Nissan Maxima Question: bad spare key, if make a new key why do I have to replace immobilizer also ?

Nissan mechanic indicated, cannot communicate with computer, he analysis: immobilizer is bad, need to be replace, and need to make a new key and reprogram both. If I make a new key and program it, why do I need to replace immobilizer also? mechanic indicted, the car won't communicate with computer, he believes immobilizer is also bad -
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For another opinion from a mechanic that can test it further, check for a top shop at the top of this page in Potwin KS. If that is where you are! -
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Shame! -
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I think where people actually live plays a BIG role in the advice we give. Climate for instance. I think i will not respond to anymore questions from Potwin f-ing Kansas!!! Dont know what the big deal is about location! -
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From what I understand, if the option of where they live is not filled in it will default to Potwin. By the way I agree just had to rib you, we have both done the same thing. -