Bad paint job on TLS on 2003 Acura TL

I own a metalic gray colored car and the clear coat is disintigrating. Has anyone else experienced problems similar to this? The car is washed and waxed regularly but is parked in my driveway out doors.

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Try to buffed it with Wax if that doesn't work look into getting a paint job
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General Motors had a real problem with that and they would re-paint the cars for customers. They did not offer "loaner cars" but a free paint job is not a bad deal. ALSO, check your glove box and IF you saved the window sticker, most of those "add on " sticker stuff like pin stripe also had a Tektor or various names for Teflon sealant wax and a Scotch Guard interior treatment to repel spills and stains. I worked for Ford and all dealers had this on their new cars. The exterior treatment protected against acid rain they claim and they give a warranty for your problem. I can't think of a brand or new car dealer that doesn't do this so worth checking--one or the other should cover it.