bad negative( ground) cable. on Cadillac Escalade

Average mileage: 78,337 (44,000–105,000)
2 model years affected: 2007, 2008
10 people reported this problem
7 people shared problem details
Loss of all electical power to vehicle as though battery failure. After checking battery connections by simiple movement of the cable at the battery, power would restore. after several attemps to pinpoint the power loss( clean and tighten cablels)was able to verify negative cable as the problem. The crimped conection at the battery end is loosing contact. I re-crimped the end and the problem ended for about a month. It started doing the same and by lifting the negative cable slightly the power comes back on. I am replacing the whole cable this time.
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my problem is door are locking in unlocking and some dash light blinking on in off in truck trying to cut off
I had the same erratic electrical problem where all power would be lost, door locks would lock and unlock, radio would go on and off etc. After several trips to the normal place I have my car repaired I began to play with the ground cable. It turned out the cable was frayed on the end that is attached to the engine block, not at the battery. Replaced the cable and it has been fine since. Knock on wood!
I have had the same problem, replaced the cable, ran fine but now the problem is back.
I purchase a 07 Escalade for 69,000 original miles Everything was fine for a while until one day I stuck my key into the ignition and my car did not start I got the car towed to my mechanic to test the batterythe battery was goodhe tested negative and negative was no good he changed the negative wire to the battery and all was good for now . .......
Four weeks after purchasing this vehicle (used) I took it to the car wash and parked it in the garage over night. Next morning...key fob wouldn't open door, so used key to gain entry. Inserted key and...nothing. Took out my handy multimeter and discovered the Negative terminal had some problems. Used pliers until I bout some crimps and everything was fine.
Cleaned cabled and re-tightened, but problem is back sporadically. Glad to see the fix is relatively simple and not a deeper rooted electrical gremlin. I was concerned it would be worse. Thanks for sharing info!
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