Bad Fuel Pump? on 1992 Lincoln Town Car

Recently, my car decided to not start. AL sign pointed to fuel pump, which was replaced and got the car working again for a bout a week. After that week it wouldn't start again. All the same signs. We would take it back to the mechanic and he would bring it back to us running, a couple of days later, the same thing. This happened about 5 times. I am wondering if maybe he put in a faulty fuel pump or if the wiring is messed up. The wiring in the rest of the car is iffy to say the least. If it is wiring how much do you think it would run me to repair? Also, the car would start with starting fluid but would not stay running.

by in Carlsbad, NM on July 30, 2012
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 30, 2012
this is an issue that needs to be looked at and diag before est can be given.
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