Bad coil pack? on 2002 Ford Escape

I have a 2002 ford Escape in which we changed spark plugs 2, 4 and 6 as the engine light was on and i was told #4 was misfiring. Car runs rough when starting, like a shaking. I notice when this happens that when you turn the key to start, the dinging sound you have til you start car is not there. Could i have a bad coil pack in #4 since they originally told me this was the one misfiring?

by in Griffith, IN on May 26, 2011
3 answers
ANSWER by on May 26, 2011
When I tune this type of car, I replace the coil pack, the wires and the plugs after I make sure that there is good compression in all cylinders and no vacuum leaks. I use Motorcraft parts.
ANSWER by on May 27, 2011
You may want to check your fuel injector on that plug. But 75% of the time it would be your coil pack at #4.
ANSWER by on December 05, 2011
The spark plug ignition coil is bad trust me!!! I have a 2002 escape and I have had to replace ignition coils 1,2,3,4 and 5 over the last 3 years. Everytime it says misfiring and you know you have good plugs in there, bingo can almost guarantee coil is bad. Just replace #4 and wait for the next one to go. LOL!
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