bad cat converter on 1999 Lexus GS300

99 Lexus gs 300 has bad cat converter car has 240,000 mile on it the car still runs great ,what is the cheapest way to repare tihs I ve been adviced that I should take off the cat converter clean it with break cleaner and soak in the water with soap and put it back it should work fine,do I need new gasket or use the one already there ,thanks so much for help

by in Riverview, FL on July 16, 2014
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 17, 2014
"Bad cat converter"... is that the same thing as a cat whisperer? Probably have better luck with one!!.... Visit or call a muffler shop for a price on replacing the catalytic converter.... IMO.
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Emissions test. I took it to Auto Zone for a printed diagnostics test. The code P0430 came up. Is that the o2 sensor?

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