bad auto transmission leak &car smokes whn I drive bcuz of it.Is it safe 2 drive on 1999 Ford F-150

My transmission is leaking bad. I can see some of it coming from the pan (bad seal I think) but right above the pan there is another part that has a round rubber o-ring looking thing and it is leaking out of there too...what is that part. what should I do. thank u

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The smoking could be some of the oil hitting the exhaust, which could ignite it. If that happens the car could be badly damaged or destroyed by a fire. Have it repaired immeadiately.
is the oil smell like transmission fluid?
theres a diferrent smell between engine oil and transmission oil
dont drive your car if its leaking bad
you might probably burnt your transmission if that oils leaking there
engine too might hydro lock... it is better to fix that imeddiatelly... so you can drive your car again
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