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2007 Chrysler Aspen Question: Backup warning system no longer works

(2007 Chrysler Aspen backup warning system ) working When I was backing up their was a glass window beind the car the warning system started to beep, maybe 4 to 6 times then stopped. Since then it has not worked since? can you tell me how to rest it or make it start working again. Ed 4-10-2011 etedk@hotmail.com -
Answer 1
Most back up warning system issues I have experienced were caused by (unknown or known) impact of the rear bumper, causing sensor damage. A diagnostic test should help narrow down the issue to a specific system or component. -
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My wife said no impact of the window when this happened. Does the warning system work like a sonar on a ship? Ed 4-11-2011 -
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Doesn't mean she or you hit the window. Could be a problem pre-existing. Remember that people park really rudely sometimes - and could bump into your bumper, causing sensor damage. -
Comment 3
I will have a diagnostic test and post the results, Thanks Ed 4-12-2011 -