backup lights both out on 1996 Mercedes-Benz C280

Both of the back up lights are out. I have confirmed the bulbs are both good. I checked the fuse that the manual says it was but do not think that is the right fuse as it supposely controled the windshield wiper cleaner . When I removed the fuse the windshield wiper cleaner continued to work. Anyone know which fuse it is or what might cause both to go out.

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Per the wiring diagram fuse #24, 15 amp is for the reverse lights. Voltage then travels through the transmission range switch ( located at the shifter) and back to the reverse lights. Also make sure the ground is good.
Thank you, where is the ground
Just checked wiring again. Grounds are located right rear and left rear in trunk, but that's not the problem due to all rear lighting would be inoperative if ground was bad.
thank you ,

I kind of doubt it is the fuse. I forgot to mention that one morning two weeks ago I warmed up the car and while inside I looked out the window and both back up lights were on even though it was in park.

Thank you for your advice
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