1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Q&A

1992 Dodge Ram Van B250 Question: backfireing

what will cause this van to back fire and lose presser -
Answer 1
Usually fuel build up due to bad coils. -
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Whenever it is rainy or very cold it will backfire.
when i frist start the van it runs fine after about 3/4 miles it wont take gas and backfires when i try to give it gas and the longer it runs the worst it get until it just stops let it set for awh...
Need help before I just buy the fuel pump, I did the above and a fuel filter and air filter..backfires and makes a loud hissing noise before it dies..runs when pouring gas in carb..+il guage drops ...
Acts like it wants to die, goes away after about 10 minutes and runs better. What could this bee? Have already changed plugs and wires.