back window repair on 1996 Chrysler Sebring

what can i use to repair the back window? the glue has came off of the glass and the vinyl? everytime it rains my car gets flooded.

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I have had many convertibles British, German, and Japanese your best option is to go visit several auto upholstery shop/convertible top installers and see what they would recommend. They may be able to repair it or at least be able to quote a proper repair. Would your insurance company pay for this?
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When the material has separated from the glass, in most cases it is recommended to replace the whole rear curtain(rear window). If it is just the bottom strip that is separating, it might repairable.

Bring it by our shop and we'll tell you if it can be saved or not.
I used a strong double sided adhesive tape loctite emblem tape , attached one side to the fabric plastic trim, position it on glass them removed other backing as I pressed firmly in place. You can get tape at wm or apstore. It has to be able to hold in high heat from sun loctite is rated at 200 deg. Works great for me . Its a grey adhesive with red backing on both sides. Ten minutes and 6 bucks working great on my car
use double side tape.