back up lights not working on 1999 Ford Ranger

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i realised my back up lights were not working about two months ago i looked in the fuse box and discovered that the fuse was blown i replaced the fuse. you can put the vehicle in park ,neutral,and reverse but as soon as you put the vehicle in drive the fuse will blow i looked for shorts and and rusty recepticals there were none everything lookes pretty new or in really good condition. this fuse also controls my electric shift and my transmition control switch. What could be makeing the fuse continue to blow and what can i do to fix it.I did the test to see if the reverse lights will work and they will as long as the fuse isn't blown but like i siad as soon as you put it into drive it will blow. Thank you to whoever can help. Sincerly Jeremey B. Vance
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Jeremy, first of all I would be hesitant to post your phone number here, this is a public forum and anyone can see your phone number and call you, including telemarketers. (I would edit your question and remove the number)

For the blown fuse, fuse #27 supplies power to a few different items and the complete circuit and components on that circuit need to be tested. This requires a wiring diagram, a volt/ohm meter and some specific knowledge about how to troubleshoot this type of problem.