AWD noise? When making slow hard turns. on 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback

My 97'Outback makes funny noises when turning hard at slow speeds.Mostly when pulling in and out of parking spaces.I recently replaced the inner tie rod,but the noise is still there.It feels like something is binding when slow hard turns are being made.Is this something that is common with AWD vechicles? The car runs great otherwise no front end noises when turning during normal driving.

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You may have trouble with the transfer case mechanism which distributes power between the front and rear drive axles. Get it checked out by a Subaru specialist.
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Sounds like a bad axle joint due to torn boot and no grease is left to lube the CVJ.
Axles are about $150 and replacement is about $200 depending on labor rates in your area
It is your front cv shafts/ joints I had to replace them in my 97 legacy turbo but also found that loose lugs can do that in the rear and if rour trailing arms or arm is bent itl do that I know from experience those r the ones that are adjustable for a rear alignment or towing pacage ask you subaru specialist about them its easy to bend back just use your scizzor jack and put it in between your frame and the trailing arm and crank a littler itl straighten um right out