average cost of transmission flush, coolant flush and tune up
on 1995 Honda Accord

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Car has 200K miles on it. No problems with transmission. Some overheating but no coolant leak found.
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DON"T "FLUSH" THE TRANSMISSION!!!! Do a drain and refill with HONDA fluid.Have the 'overheating diagnosed (inop fan, thermostat , clogged radiator -- again flushing not worth it in the long run--may cause more problems than it solves.JUST MY OPINION , however I work at a honda dealership and see the results of flushes frequently, usually ending up with junking the car.good luck............old saying ...............If it ain't broke- don't fix it!! Just enjoy the ride while it lasts!! To answer your $$ question , my northern va. area is $120.00/hr.figure avg. 2 hrs. labor for trans service (drain&fill), coolant service (again, drain & fill) and tune up - plugs ,wires, cap&rotor,air filter(fuel filters are generally not an issue , and at this point unless your the original owner and know , it's probably already been changed ).Maybe $250.00 in parts (HONDA) parts --AGAIN, experience both aftermarket and dealer,I've seen much better results with factory parts -especially oil filters....Anyhow figure around $550.00 or less with taxes, hopefully prices in your market area are less ...