average brake pad mileage on 2006 Acura TL

Could you give me an estimate of expected brake pad mileage before requiring replacement. Driving style is pretty conservative, not overly fast and generally within the speed limit and I would estimate spent approximately 80% of the time on city, short-run driving. Also, I have heard that front brakes tend to wear out before rear brakes due to the shift in weight onto the front wheels as braking occurs. Would both sets be in need of replacement at the same time? When at the dealership for an oil change, my wife was told told her original brake pads needed replacement after 34,000 miles. I'm wondering if she got taken. Your assessment?

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I haven't worked on Acuras, but all the European vehicles I've worked often get 30 - 40K miles on the front pads, so this might not be abnormal. What I like to do is get a measurement of the pad material remaining, and when it is at or under 4mm, it is time to replace.
The TL continues to get bigger and heavier, and the pad materials are getting softer to prevent noises so it's not a huge surprise that they only lasted 34,000 miles.
Hopefully someone with more Acura experience will add their comments.