Automatic Transmission shift problem. on 2012 Ford F-150

2012 F-150 STX 4X4 5.0L
When in low range 4WD the automatic transmission will not shift through the gears and stays in 1st gear. When RPM's hit the 4000 range it then will shift into second and give you whiplash in the process.I can manually shift through the gears using the gear selector however. I have owned several 4WD trucks and all have shifted normally in low range 4WD. This something new that Ford has put into their transmissions? Has anyone else had a simalar problem?

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2011 f150 4x4.
mine does the same thing. ford says it's normal.
ford is full of shit.
this is the so stupid it's hard to believe.
i am trying to contact ford.
if you find out anything, post it.