automatic transmission problem? on 1990 Honda Accord

ok, I own a 1990 honda accord DX with only 147000 miles on it. just recently my "S" light starts blinking. according to my research this means an electrical problem, but I do not know where start. it always shifts from 1st into 3rd. never 2nd or 4th. my TCU has a red LED which blinks 7 times. I dont know what that means in error codes so if anyone know TCU codes please let me know :)

by in The Plains, OH on March 21, 2012
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ANSWER by on March 21, 2012
you have a shift solenoid problem, wiring or sensor most likely 2nd gear solenoid
COMMENT by on March 21, 2012
Darn... i was hoping it was just the TCU which is only around 150 or so but this part costs like 250?! im not sure what the best thing to do financially. transmission shops will probably cost me a good penny
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