Automatic Transmission - No forward gears. on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

My transmission bagan slipping badly on upshift then lost all forward gears completely. Reverse works with the lever either in reverse or first gear position. I removed the pan and found a small metal part in the pan. It is shaped sort of like the fearher-end of an arrow. It has a unthreaded hole in one end and a 'V' in the other. It is approx 1.25 inches from the hole to the 'V' and 1 inch at the span of the 'feather'. If this helps any: A few weeks before the complete failure I could not for the transmission into park even if I disconnected the
linkage and shifted at the transmission. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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This all indicates that you likely have transmission failure. Better take this to a transmission shop and see what your options are. Try an ATRA shop if there's one near you: