Dodge Avenger Problem Report

Dodge Avenger Automatic Transmission May Have Shifting Problems

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The automatic transmission can develop problems like erratic shifting, rough shifting, or delayed gear engagement. Repairs for many of these problems are outlined in service bulletins.

I had a few "hard starts" around 60k and 80k. It would flutter and not turn over. I would turn car off and restart, then no problem.. Tranny started slipping around 90k mis.. WOuld jerk between 2nd and 3rd gear.. After it hit 100k mis it began getting stuck in 2nd gear. Check engine light came on. One mechanic said it was the transmission cylinoid (electrical issues) another mechanic said the whole thing needed to be replaced. UPSDATE: I ENDED UP HAVING TO REBUILD MY WHOLE TRANSMISSION.. $1500. SEEMS LIKE I'VE READ MANY OWNERS HAVING THE SAME ISSUE AND IT NOT BEING AN EASY FIX. SOUNDS TO ME LIKE DOGE/CHRYLSER IS USING CHEAP TRANSMISSIONS THAT GO OUT AROUNG 80K-100K MIS.. TOO MANY PEOPLE SAME THE SAME ISSUE. -
Seems like my car just does not have the get up and go, that it once had. before i drove it off the lot after I signed the paperwork on it. rough riding now and feels like it does not want to shift... another recall getting use to this......which is sad . I really do not feel safe driving my car any longer. -
1-2shift&3-4 shifts are very late. engine is way too high in rpm range for these gear shift points, and when it does shift, alot of the time its soft and feels weak... BUT the owners mechanic prior to me had over-filled the tranny AND engine!! I drained it & refilled to proper levels,no positive effects yet.. -
Hesitates before going into gear. -
shifts hard from 2 to 3 it shureges inbetwen 2 and 3 shift -
Car downshifts, almost stalls, and check engine light flashes -
The shifting was rough and was slamming. Since the avenger I have has a life time drive train, I took it to the dealership and they told me that they had to replace the solenoid. -
My car starts the engine runs however it will not engage in gear. It was just running fine a couple of hours ago. -
It stalls while accelerating and "chugs". Even does it while the cruise control is on, usually while the car is accelerating up a hill. It does the stalling or pausing when accelerating at all speeds. Trying to cross a busy intersection from 0 doesn't work!! Nearly got hit several times. -
My tranny will run first gear for like a block right after start up and then even tho it is in drive it will act like it is in neutral so u pop it into neutral then back into drive and then all it will run is second gear and I havent had money or time to have anyone look @ it yet. -
Car not shifting into correct gear,hesitates before shifting past ,2nd gear and also when shifting into reverse or drive car jerks into gears. -
delayed gear -
Car sometime stivks in second or skips and slips in fourth -
Sometimes it has a delayed action goin into gear -
I was told that the computer and transmission was not communicating, I need to replace the cords -
Automatic Transmission May have Problems po755 -
still isnt fixed i took it in and it still isnt fix right -
it only does it like once maybe twice a day but its annoying and i dont know what it is. please help -
From 0-45 mph it shifts fine but when it gets to 50 mph it sounds like a humming sound starts -
As I was driving my Dodge Avenger home when I first purchased it. It felt like the engine wasn't pulling like it was suppose to and when I would take my foot off of the gas an then apply pressure to the gas again it has a delayed kick. Gods grace is the only thing that is keeping my car running. -
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it wont shift out of second. it run fine but just wont shift.