Honda Odyssey Problem Report

Honda Odyssey Various Automatic Transmission Issues May Develop

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Erratic operation of the transmission, which may or may not be accompanied by illumination of dashboard warning lights, would indicate internal transmission faults. Replacement of the transmission is generally required to correct this issue.

Transmission problem light illuminated. Dealer told me I needed to replace Transmission quoted $3000. Went to another dealer service man suggested it needs a pressure switch on the 4th gear, same problem allegedly with Acura's. Had the pressure switch installed, cost me $220.62 Car still running well, has 187,800 miles and is now going in for new motor mounts. Love this car however, have had difficulty finding dealer who seems to know solutions to problems. -
Automatic transmission "clunks" when shifting into 2nd gear. We have to "baby" it very carefully when starting. Problem has been there for two years and seems to be getting worse. Have not had it repaired. -
Drive indicator began flashing. Replaced 4th gear pressure switch. -
D light indicator blinks only way to clear is to turn off ignition and restart., transmission erattic when above condition exist. -
Transmission failed spectacularly. No warning in advance. Never used van for towing or any sort of aggressive driving. Even though I've been disappointed with the 2000 Odyssey due to many mechanical issues, Honda really impressed me by replacing the transmission at zero cost to me. They know when they screw up a design and seem to try to make things right. (This was the 1st model year for the new Odyssey) -
shifts second shutters then rpms go up and down 300-400rpms think its reprograming honda did to solve lock-up of second gear of lower milage van higer milage got new transmission in the snow almost brake tires lose -
Engine light came on, transmission doesn't switch gears easily. We were told we need a new transmission, but after looking into all the people that have problems, we will just get a new car. -
Check engine MIL on and had a DTC of TCC problem. Car with jerk or slight slip in gears when driving. Had to get a transmission overhaul/rebuilt transmission. -
Can't remember exact mileage. Total transmission failure. All maintenance done per schedule. -
just had the trans rebuilt and valvebody replaced 3000k ago now there is a surge between 2nd and 3rd gear any ideas -
The transmission shifts harshly, and does so even after getting the problem fixed at Community Honda, By the way, American Honda Motors will not take care of the problem, even though they are fully aware of a lot of transmission complaints. -
CEL, D4 blinkin -
D light indicator started blinking on dash. At this time there is no other unusual sounds or activity with the car. -
Known issue that Honda should have recalled. -
TCS warning light - check engine llight - erratic shifting while driving replaced transmission $4,200 -
Transmission problems -
The transmission shifts hard from 1st to 2nd gear with a loud "thunk" which causes cabin vibration. twice the RPMs vacilated for about 3 seconds from 3,000 to 2,700 back and forth. Engine codes: 1259 Manufacture Control Fuel Air Metering 1739 Manufacture Control Transmission -
My transmission is giving out and my miles are great. I just bought Off this vehicle This year and now my smog didn't pass. I just bought the Biennial Smog Compliance yesterday and this only help me intill feb. -
02 Had no warnings nor any signs of problems when on xway tranny total slippage started with RPMS and speedometer racing. Shut down,restarted because of spinning noise when engaging in park. Would not re-engage in DRIVE until key was removed and PASS. door was opened, resetting circuit. 1 MI. Drove home NO PROBLEMS...Next day AGAIN 1MI. Called dealer SORRY' bring it in New Time for $3,000 I thought KMAS because of all the other problems (Air bags,erratic fuel gauge reading, auto rear doors, another $1,000 timeing belt...KMAS Not looking anytime soon at Hondas or their Dealers. Positive note the body is in great shape and has withstood salty Winters. Not worth fixing for me....FOR SALE AS IS only rational solution SOB!!! TONY -
As described already by the masses. -
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