Automatic transmission behaving strangely on 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

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1. If I'm stopped and try to accelerate, the car acts like it's in neutral for a second or two and then lurches into gear.
2. While accelerating, it will sometimes feel like it's not shifting into gears quickly enough. Other times it will feel like it's shifting too soon.
3. Sometimes it will feel like the transmission is shifting back and forth between gears quickly, and it jerks
4. Sometimes there are scraping noises at low speeds that go away at higher speeds
5. Sometimes there is a clattering noise in park that goes away in between park and reverse
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Looks like there is an internal transmission problem. I'd get the car for a transmission specialty shop and as for a diagnostic and an estimate.

Yeah I know it's a transmission problem, but what specifically might it be?
Could be a bad torque converter lock-up solenoid, bad pump, worn clutch plates, bad valve body.