Automatic Transmission on 2000 Honda CR-V

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2 days ago, before I set out on a 600-mile roundtrip - my engine light came on. I made sure the gas cap was tightened and set out on my trip. The engine light never went out. Then at the very end of the trip, when I started out from a toll booth, the engine raced when I lightly accelerated and teh gear was delayed catching. When it did get into gear, it drove fine except for the engine racing more than it should when I lightly accelerated. Within 20 miles, the gears were not engaging and I pulled into a parking lot. I put the car in park, then in drive and the gears wouldn't engage. None of the gears would catch. The engine sounded fine. I let the car rest for 5 minutes and then when I started, the gears engaged, but as I slowed and accelerated a couple times, the transmission slipped again. Now I can't put the car in gear. There is a leak at the front of the car, but it may just be water from the A/C; I can't tell.
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You really should have had the problem checked before heading out on a trip, you may have done more damage by continuing to drive the vehicle. You'll need to see what codes are stored in the engine/transmission control modules and have the diagnostic procedures performed. Good Luck