Automatic Transmission on 2001 Subaru Legacy

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So out of the blue without any warning my 2001 subaru legacy gt's transmission goes out.Is there anything other than what seems to be obvious that could be the problem?When I Shift the car into gear the idle doesnt decrease and let the car slip into gear as it normally would.Instead it idles down and basicly the car rolls backwards as if in nuetral.......Any help or suggestions as what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.
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You may possibly have a fluid transfer issue which is not an uncommon concern.
First check the transmission fluid level and fluid quality. It should be pink in color and and be clean. If it is dark with a foul oder than the problem is internal and needs to be overhauled. However if the fluid is very low but has good color, then you need to check the front differential fluid level and quality. It should be clear in color and a bit thicker than the trans fluid. If it is overfull and a light pink in color than you have a fluid transfer problem, which will need immediate attention before any damaging of trans components occurs. Good Luck.