Automatic transaxle replacement possible? on 1997 Toyota Paseo

Is it possible to replace a automatic transaxle on a 1997 Toyota paseo? I get the shakes real bad at about 35 and up. It bounces on acceleration on highway coming from the passenger side. I have replaced all 3 motor mounts thinking that was the problem. No such luck. Today I changed the whole passenger side drive axle and I still have the same issue. Now I would assume it would be the transaxle at this point. Any info would greatly help. I am a broke college student and can not afford to go to a mechanic.

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I know what you mean about being broke, been there too. But it may be cheaper to at least get a mechanic to check it out.
As he can tell more about it simply by driving it looking at it ect. Things we can only speculate on!
Good luck.
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It is possible to replace.