automatic locks on Dodge Caravan

Average mileage: 89,484 (18,000–185,000)
3 model years affected: 1998, 2001, 2005
16 people reported this problem
10 people shared problem details
2005 Dodge Caravan27,000
Electric door locks do not work from fob or manual switches. Horn beeps and lights flash but no lock/unlock. Door locks do not lock when reaching a speed of 20 mph or faster.
the automatic locks will stop working. for a quick fis you must pull th IOD fuse and re-install it. the fix is temporary from each time this happens the duration before you have to perform this again, shortens every time you have to fix this issue. WHY HASN'T A RECALL BEEN ISSUED FOR THE BODY CONTROL MODULE TO BE REPLACED ON THESE VANS. THIS IS A COMMON PROBLEM. JUST LOOK AT ALL THE COMMENTS ON-LINE ABOUT THIS PROBLEM. LETS GO CHRYSLER. GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!
2005 Dodge Caravan123,000
Power locks do not work. The lights blink when unlock is pushed on the key fob, but the doors don't unlock. The horn beeps when the lock is pushed on the key fob, but the doors don't lock. There is no way to lock the rear hatch! This is a safety issue!!!! There should be a recall!!!
2001 Dodge Caravan185,000
I was standing outside the van today and heard the automatic locks working, I unlocked the door and waited. Thirty seconds later the doors locked and from that moments on--every thirty seconds the automatic door locks actuate. I wonder how long before the battery is drained?
Had this problem for a while, kept on pulling the IOD fuse for a while. Also had gauges flash when turning on ignition. Replaced the battery over 6 months ago and neither problem has occurred since.
even when car is parked with no key in it the door locks activate on and off contentiously.
2005 Dodge Caravan80,000
Locks stop working on the Keys and the interior door locks. Pulling the IOD fuse and reinserting does resolve the issue temporarily (1-2 days) then we are back to no power locks.
2005 Dodge Caravan97,000
2005 Dodge Caravan18,000
the locks on the back drivers door. i have had to lock almost all the time the other locks are a little more dependable but not always it is a pain to have to stop and check to see if your doors have locked or if the will lock when you reach 20 mph as they should. come on Dodge this is a major issue please see to it
it really is a hassle having to pull the fuse constantly, especially in winter, since I don't have a garage and the hood is snowbound. Very frustrating
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