Automatic Climate on 2003 Honda Odyssey

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My automatic climate control is making a noise that sounds like an electrical motor hunting for position. It is kind of a rattling sound. For example when the inside temp is set to 70 degrees and the system is at or near that temp and the fan is has automatically set itself to low; you can hear this "hunting" sound from behind the dash. Also it seems that the system doesn't do as good of a job maintaining the temp. I used to keep it at 69-71 degrees and it would always be quite comfortable. Now sometimes at 68 degrees it is warm, especially during the winter. I always hear the sound when this happens. Any thoughts out there?
(1) Answer
It sounds like you may have a sticking temperature door actuator on your 2003 Honda Odyssey. Proper diagnoses of the system would be necessary to confirm this. A faulty temperature sensor can also cause this but in most cases the actuators are at fault. The A/C control panel is capable of displaying fault codes which is the best starting point for proper diagnoses of the system.