Auto.gear shift lever suddenly very hard to move into Park. on 1998 Subaru Impreza Outback

Car running great. What could cause the above? It has happened only once just overnight at its usual parking place.

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Release button on the shifter handle feel the same as always?
No, definitely not. I drove about 20 miles & the button wouldn't push in to connect in order to Park. Left it in neutral,keys in ignition with emerg. brake on. However, after returning home, the button depressed & able to move it into Park. Haven't driven it since.
Try spraying some WD-40, straw attached to sprayer, around the release button. Wash it out well, while pushing it in and letting it pop back out. May be gummed up inside from soda,coffee and the cooler weather we have now is making it worse. (Maybe) I don't think First Team Subaru will give out any info. on another problem with this if you called them, just tell you to make an appointment.

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release button has build up inside,clean with elect contact cleaner